The Premium Advantage


Find the Right Solution that Reflects Your Company Size, Growth, and Culture

ZumanHR’s premium software and service offering is not for everyone. Our single-source solution was purpose-built for modern HR, finance, and payroll professionals who want to scale their organization and provide real value to employees.

  • Technology-only and multi-vendor solutions with light service and minimal expertise may be right for you if you want to build your team to handle administrative tasks at the expense of delivering value to employees. But though these solutions appear more “cost effective,” in reality they ignore the true hidden cost of your time.
  • A PEO solution could be right if you have less than 50 employees and have no plans to scale. But as you grow, this model is cost prohibitive especially when you want more control over payroll, benefits, and HR decisions.

The ZumanHR Solution is designed to meet your organization where it is, and provide service as your needs change throughout the company lifecycle.

Tech-only: a Software Approach

Utilizing a technology-only solution may be the right fit if you have an internal team devoted to supporting your employees using the software. This can be an affordable single vendor approach that provides a platform for HR, benefits administration, and in some cases, payroll.

Items to consider: you must ensure it is truly integrated beyond the brochure level. While some of these solutions have slick interfaces, the back-end technology may be built on disparate systems and databases, making them highly inefficient and error-prone.

ZumanHR: One Data Set

ZumanHR’s HRIS technology is built on a single data set model, so each employee has a single record for human resources, payroll, and benefits administration. Unlike many tech-only solutions that are built on multiple databases branded for the vendor, ZumanHR’s system is branded for each client and allows for real-time transaction updates, giving you instant visibility into all areas of people operations. Our mobile-first approach coupled with an intuitive web-based interface ensures employee adoption.

Tech-only: Technical Support Services

Technology-only solutions will give you light service and technical support to assist your internal team. This can be effective if you have the internal resources, expertise, and time to manage all of the administrative tasks associated with HR.

Items to consider: you will need to build out your administrative team and rely on outside resources for expertise and guidance as you scale, which can eliminate the cost effectiveness of this solution.

ZumanHR: Software Meets Expert Service

ZumanHR’s integrated human resource outsourcing solution is designed to support all of your people operations needs with our customer-centric technology and expert, concierge services. Unlike technology-only solutions, we are an extension of your internal team, providing you a comprehensive and cost-effective way to efficiently scale your company.

Multi-vendor: a Traditional Approach

Outsourcing your human resources to a payroll, benefits administration, and light HRIS solution has been a common, cost-effective approach for many companies over the past decade versus managing everything in-house. There are hundreds of solutions to choose from within each category. This approach is built for businesses who prefer to have their internal teams focus on administrative tasks.

Items to consider: you will need to maintain accurate data across disparate systems and will have to require your employees to manage multiple interfaces and log-ins.

ZumanHR: Single-source Outsourcing

Outsourcing your human resources to ZumanHR is radically different from the traditional multi-vendor approach. You no longer need to juggle multiple vendors and interface with disparate systems. Instead, you gain one partner and one system for all of your HR, payroll, and benefits administration needs. The single-source approach allows your internal teams to be freed from administrative tasks so they can focus on strategic people operations. And it enables your employees to manage all of their HR information with one log-in and one intuitive interface.

Multi-vendor: Call Center Services

When you outsource to multiple vendors, you interface with various call centers for each component of human resources: payroll, benefits administration, and HRIS. This model can be effective if you prefer to work with multiple agents to capture your specific case information and possess the internal expertise to handle complex payroll and benefits rules.

Items to consider: you will need to allocate additional time to manage cases and you will lack direct support for your employees.

ZumanHR: Single Point of Contact

When you outsource to ZumanHR, you get an expert, single point of contact. Your human resource, finance, or payroll professionals are assigned a Client Success Manager who becomes an extension of your team and who works to understand your business, and your needs. With ZumanHR, you can rely on our experts to answer complex questions around payroll and benefit rules without having to devote internal resources to research and resolve cases.

PEO: Built for Less Than 50

The PEO model could be ideal for you if you have less than 50 employees and you do not plan on growing. You can outsource your entire HR function to the PEO and gain access to “big company” benefits.

Items to consider: you will need to decide if co-employment fits your culture and whether the potential loss of control over your HR decisions could affect your business.

ZumanHR: Built for Growth

ZumanHR was designed for companies that plan on scaling and want to outsource to a single solution without the constraints of co-employment. Our cloud-based HRIS system can support your evolving requirements around human resources, payroll, benefits administration, and talent management. Our expert services can be customized to work with your current team as your internal needs change, providing you with greater flexibility and control.

PEO: One Size Fits All

A PEO bundles all of their products together regardless of company size. This can be beneficial for smaller organizations that do not have customized needs and requirements.

Items to consider: you will have changing payroll and benefit requirements as you grow, and might end up paying for products and services you simply do not need. Plus billing practices are not as transparent with some PEOs bundling their fees with a percentage of payroll — a system that is difficult to understand and might  include hidden costs. You need to decide if this one-size-fits-all approach is a match for you.

ZumanHR: Flexible Solution Design

ZumanHR understands that each business has unique requirements. Unlike the PEO model where HR products and services are standardized across all customers, we design and configures our technology and services to match your current and future needs. This approach gives you the control and flexibility you need to design people operations processes. ZumanHR’s single invoice approach provides you insight into all of your HR-related costs with a simple transparent pricing model.


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